Friday 18 August 2017

Berwick Street Market

One of London's oldest markets dating back to 1778. It's now a bustling street food destination including Greek2Go, Savage Salads and Jerusalem Falafel, in addition to traditional fruit and vegetable and florist stalls. The market is open Monday - Saturday, 8am - 6pm. To apply for a market stall please contact 

E Johnson

Fruit & veg

One of several fruit and veg stalls, these traders have been supplying Soho with the freshest seasonal produce for years.

Monday - Saturday 9am - 6pm

Fayz Hamidi

Luggage & leather

Afghan street food (curries, rice-based dishes and salads)

Thursday - Tuesday 9am - 6pm

Freebird Burritos

Mexican food

Mexican-inspired flavoured burritos born from the street markets of London.

Monday - Friday 11am - 3.30pm @freebirdburritos

Jerusalem Falafel

Arabic food

The only place where you can buy hot, freshly- made falafel wraps from a shed!

Monday - Friday 11am - 3.30pm @jerusalemfalafe

Mitat JanJeva

fruit & veg

Even more choice for fresh fruit and vegetables - Berwick Street is spoiling you!

Monday - Saturday 9am - 6pm

Mr L Walsh

 Fruit & veg

More mouth-watering decisions to be made at another traditional fruit and veg market stall.

Monday - Saturday 9am - 6pm

Ronald Stannett


The oldest flower market stall in London, Ronnie’s Flowers has everything, from lilies to dahlias, roses to tulips.

Monday - Saturday 9am - 6pm

Savage Salads


Hot and cold salads made with a variety of the freshest and healthiest gourmet ingredients.

Tuesday - Wednesday - Friday 10am - 4pm @savagesalads



Authentic Greek souvlaki - hot, fluffy pita bread filled with chicken, pork and/ or halloumi cheese cooked on skewers and accompanied by fresh salad and homemade tzatziki sauce - made fresh everyday.

Monday to Friday, 10am-3pm

Soho Dairy


Independent UK farmers selling a wide range of organic milk and dairies.


Pit Stop UK


Pan Asian food stall serving a selection of Malaysian curry dishes, noodles and tasty sides.

Miro Salads


Moroccan-inspired salads for a tasty lunch break.

If you are interested in a pitch please contact Westminster Council  / or please visit Westminster Council's markets webpage at


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