A Dunno. Day in Soho 

As new inhabitants of Soho, our experience must be quite different to many of those detailing the ‘Soho Suggest’ series. Our shop, Dunno. Curated, opened July 23rd - the Friday after restrictions were lifted. Since then, we have honestly spent every waking moment here. Popping out from the shop to cafe’s, restaurants, take-outs, pubs, bars, and beyond. Our perspective of Soho is fresh, unattached to any ‘glory day’, and in every way, only our own. We truly discovered Soho in 2021. 

So, instead of giving you a list of recommendations, we thought it’d be fun to walk you through our perfect day in Soho. Coffee, shopping, food, drinks and entertainment. The whole shebang.  

Wake up, dust yourself off and head out for breakfast. Our favourite spot for something light and a world-class coffee is our Berwick St. neighbour Flat White. Treasured by locals, Flat White has been crucial for our assimilation to the community here. On Thursday/Friday night, they also do alfresco drinks with a brilliantly curated drink selection at great prices. If you’re looking for something a little heavier, maybe after a night out on the razz, the legendary Balans or The Breakfast Club would be our recommendations. 

Now, you’ve filled your belly, it’s time to shop for an outfit for your night out to come. As we started you on Berwick St, we naturally recommend ourselves to kick off but we wouldn’t be doing justice to the area without steering you towards the stores we love. Firstly, Duke’s Cupboard, the predominant streetwear store in London and a massive inspiration behind our little store. Following Duke’s, we recommend hitting Tres Bien, Our Legacy, END., Machine A and our Berwick Street compatriot Reign Vintage. Between these places, you’ll be able to curate a top-notch outfit for the evening to come. 

After all that shopping, you’d have worked up an appetite. During the week, the entire store’s favourite lunch spot is a food stall on Berwick St., The Jerk Drum by Darrell. No exaggeration, it’s what dreams are made of. Get a box with the Jerk Chicken, curry goat, rice & peas, coleslaw, mac & cheese, salad and gravy. Maybe, a dumpling or two to mop up the juices. Should you need a seat to eat it, please use our bench as we’re right beside this Soho institution. 

Now, time for a coffee to help digestion. The Soho Dairy beside The Jerk Drum and opposite us is the go-to spot for a midday coffee. Should a late afternoon coffee not tickle your fancy, how about a drink? 

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