Foodie Hot Spots

Soho is renowned for its buzzing food scene. We explore the spots
that will tantalise your taste buds and leave you craving more.

The Palomar
The Palomar is a charming restaurant offering a fresh take on Israeli cuisine with creative dishes. Try their signature kubaneh, a delicious bread served with tahini and grated tomato, and the flame-grilled glazed Tarka Octopus.

34 Rupert Street



Speedboat Bar

Discover the Speedboat Bar on Rupert Street. Try Thai food inspired by the bustling, late-night canteens of Chinatown in Bangkok. With flavours as impressive as the décor this spot is not to be missed.


30 Rupert Street


El Pollote

Nestled in Carnaby, El Pollote is a delicious, award-winning Latino fried chicken spot. Seasoned with flavours and flares from South America, everything from their wings to their empanadas tastes delicious. We're certain you won't have tried fried chicken as good as this! Only one way to find out...


13 Ganton Street


Inspired by street food markets and xiao chi houses in Taiwan, BAO specialises in delicious, handmade bao steamed milk buns and xiao chi small snacks. The perfect lunch spot in Soho.


58 Lexington Street



INO is a hidden gem that celebrates the flavours of Athens in the heart of Soho. Picture countertop dining while the talented chefs serve up the most delicious homemade tzatziki and juicy grilled meats, cooked to perfection.


4 Newburgh Street




Rita's is a restaurant where modern American dining meets seasonal British produce. Try their famed tear and share garlic bread, made from a Parker House roll topped generously with parsley garlic butter and parmesan. Or their renowned fried chicken roll – crispy but succulent, it's not one to be missed!


49 Lexington Street



Hidden away in Soho, Kiln offers rustic Thai food cooked over fire. From smoky grilled skewers to aromatic curries and stir-fried delicacies, each dish bursts with spices, herbs and high-quality ingredients. This menu is designed for sharing, so gather your friends and prepare your taste buds for a feast.


58 Brewer Street



Indulge in the rich, aromatic flavours of the Middle East at Zahter. This spot serves up a range of traditional dishes from Istanbul, including mouth-watering mezze dishes and flavourful kofte platters – perfect for those who love to share! Don't forget to try their heavenly baklava for a sweet finish.


30-32 Foubert's Place



Darjeeling Express

The Darjeeling Express menu showcases aromatic spices, fresh ingredients and traditional cooking techniques, creating an immersive dining experience. Try the mouth-watering Royal Thali: an exquisite array of traditional dishes including succulent marinated meats, curries and the most delicious accompaniments.


Kingly Court

Bar Kroketa

As the name suggests, Bar Kroketa promises the most delicious menu of crispy croquetas and traditional Spanish tapas. That's right; there's a whole menu dedicated to croquetas, from mouth-watering king prawn and aioli ones to plant-based baby leek and cherry tomato ones. You'll be ordering multiple portions!


21 Beak Street


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Soho is renowned for its buzzing food scene. We explore the spots that will tantalise your taste buds and leave you craving more.