A Vegan's Guide to Soho

Fancy some tasty vegan food and drink? We’ve got you covered. From yummy comfort food to sweet treats and specialty teas, work up your appetite with our list of vegan friendly restaurants and cafés in Soho.

Fancy some tasty vegan food and drink? We’ve got you covered. From comfort food to sweet treats and speciality menus, work up your appetite with our list of vegan-friendly restaurants and cafés in Soho.

The Breakfast Club

Taking care of breakfast since 2005, one pancake at a time,  no one breaks the fast like The Breakfast Club and they have so many vegan options to choose from. The vegan all American includes vegan pancakes, vegan bacon, vegan sausage, scrambled tofu, homestyle potatoes & maple syrup. Sounds right up our street! The vegan options don't stop there, take a look at their full menu to choose from a variety of vegan dishes. 

Bone Daddies

A great bowl of ramen starts with a great broth and Bone Daddies take theirs seriously, by making it fresh in-house. Enjoy a selection of ramens made with their plant-based broth including the mushroom ramen, notkotsu and tantanmen 3. On top of this they have recently released their most-delicious and popular vegan dish yet, the spicy miso ramen complete with garlic chilli tofu and a whole lot of flavour.

The Ivy Brasserie

Vegans rejoice, The Ivy Brasserie in Soho have a whole separate Vegetarian and Vegan menu with a generous selection of delicious snacks, starters, mains and desserts. From a warm Asian salad of; watermelon, pak choi, broccoli, cashew nuts, sesame, coriander and hoisin sauce, to a fiery sweet potato Keralan curry, this popular French brasserie caters to everyone. Check out their carefully curated vegan menu  here

Crosstown Doughnuts

Since launching in 2014 Crosstown Doughnuts have recognised the increasing demand for good quality vegan treats and have worked hard to produce delicious vegan doughnuts without compromising on taste. The Soho brand offers a wide selection of flavours, from simple vanilla glazed doughnuts to slightly more experimental flavours like lemon-thyme and coconut and lime. In addition to this Crosstown offers a selection of vegan treats including the Bread Pudding in collaboration with Max La Manna created utilising left-over Crosstown doughnuts, with 15% being donated to The Felix Project.

The Duck and Rice 

Your veganuary meals are SORTED with these picks from The Duck and Rice’s main menu. Their unique blend of tradition and modernism is taken from the Chinese culture and cuisine while the atmosphere embodies the rhythm of Soho’s iconic, Berwick Street. Feel the crunch of the vegan lettuce wraps followed by the wafting flavours of the vegetable yakisoba. 


Serving authentically Swedish food, this Scandinavian café will have you going mad for pastries and fresh coffee. The first of many Soderberg café's started in Berwick Street in 2019 and we are obsessed! It's the perfect place to kickstart your day with a frothy oat milk latte and a plate of avocado and sourdough toast. 

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Discover the concept store at 3 Berwick Street.