Elderflower Season

There is no time like  elderflower season. From reshreshing smells to tangy tastes, this season brings us the tastiest of elderflower themed cocktails and desserts and Soho has got it all. Find out where you can find Soho's best elderflower flavours this season.


Heritage:  Bubble Supernova

This Gin based cocktail is a must have for a fizzy apéritif.

Bubble Supernova:
Bombay Sapphire gin
St Germain elderflower liqueur
Lime juice, sugar

Kricket: The Babushka  

The current top selling cocktail at our Soho site follows the principle of a harmonious mix of both the best of British seasonal produce along with Indian botanicals, spices and flavours to create the perfect tasting cocktail.

The Babushka:
Cardamom gin


Heritage: Alpine Trip


This Gin based cocktail brings you an alpine trip experience starting from the nose and finishing at the aftertaste. Pure Alpine essence!
Alpine Trip:
Bull Dog gin,
Generic & St Germain elderflower liquors
Red grape juice
Lime juice
Agave nectar

Hertiage: Montreaux Collins 

This gin-based cocktail is a favourite of Karl Iverson's, the co-founder of Restaurant le Museum in Montreux.

Montreaux Collins:
Bombay Sapphire gin
St Germain
Lemon juice
Franklin & Sons elderflower and cucumber tonic water




Ember Yard: Fitzroy Blossom 



This deliciously fresh cocktail fuses together the floral flavours of roses and the fresh scent of elderflower; the perfect summer combination. 

Fitzroy Blossom:
St. Germain
Elderflower liqueur
House infused rose petal vodka
Served in a chilled martini glass.

Kricket:  Elderflower Dessert

Elderflower Nimish, Raspberries, Vermicelli:
Nimish is a traditional dessert hailing from Lucknow, in Northern India.  Elderflower cordial is made up in-house and picked by the chefs each week which is then whipped through the milk and cream mixture to create a gentle British summer taste in this traditional Indian dessert. The raspberries are macerated in lime and sugar, to aid some tartness against the richness of the cream. the dessert is topped with phenni and gently placed on top for a delicious crunch. The perfect light summer dessert.




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