It's Time To Meet The Makers

Fancy a sneak peak behind the scenes of the enticing work-play world of Soho? Berwick Street brings you Meet The Makers, a cinematic 6-part documentary series showcasing real stories from the most creative and individual characters in Soho today.

Watch as we uncover the previously unheard tales from inspirational and engaging creatives and curators who work in and around Berwick Street. From top chefs to professional bikers, Meet The Makers investigates the significance of Berwick Street and Soho to key characters in the area.

In our first episode, meet Ben Tish, Executive Chef and founding member of innovative tapas restaurant Ember Yard, 60 Berwick Street. Find out the importance of the street to Ben during his 20-year career in Soho and the story behind the creation of his Spanish-Italian restaurant concept.

Tune in and discover the creative undercurrent making waves in Berwick Street.

Meet The Makers now - watch the first episode here:

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