London Cocktail Week Month

Here's your cocktail guide through Soho. 

Every year the cocktail bars all over London get together to rustle up something amazing for you all; a week of non-stop cocktail deals and steals. For those who are impartial to a cheeky cocktail or two, this year London Cocktail Week has become a month-long celebration of your favourite flavours in a tipple or two for the whole of October. 

We have put tother your go-to guide for all the cocktail spots taking part in London Cocktail week this month. Find out where you can go for a month-long celebration of cocktails in Soho. 

El Camion has got your tequila taste buds ready serving  two options of Volcan Blanco Tequila throughout the extended festival.

A  bar, a basement, an atmosphere and in Soho… What more could you want out of a cocktail spot. Basement Sate has got you covered tonight. Grab a Beefeater cocktail for only £7 this month. 

Head to Café Boheme, the hottest Soho House restaurant in London, becasue this month they are offering you a Mai Thai Cocktail with a 1976 twist for London Cocktail Week. You need to be there to find out what the 'twist' is, so what are you waiting for. 

Cecconi’s pizza bar is not only the best spot in town for a crispy, cheesy pizza, but it’s also the #1 spot for a refreshing Martini Rosso for only £7.

Head into the hustle and bustle of Berwick Street for a bite of dim sum at The Duck and Rice and wash it down with a £7 Four Pillars Olive Leaf Gin Martini. 

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