Jordan Bunker: Menswear Guide

We teamed up with Jordan Bunker to get his take on men's fashion in Soho.

Follow menswear blogger and freelance writer Jordan Bunker as he explores a few of his favourite Soho spots for men's fashion as well as his top picks from each of the stores. 

As someone who does not live in London, but decides to travel down instead, I feel to really get a sense of everything, you need to go past the main streets and the ‘must-visits’. I much prefer heading to area for an afternoon and being able to visit less, but experience more and I think you get this feeling when shopping around Soho.

The curation of brands that Soho’s streets have, whether it’s Broadwick street, Berwick, D’Arblay or Brewer street, are all within walking distance of one another. In-store shopping is more about the experience and I feel you are able to have a conversation with the staff at these stores and more often than not I leave knowing a little bit more about the brand, a particular product in a collection or where to go for dinner after I leave.

I’m always one to prioritise good quality menswear and investing in pieces that will add to my existing wardrobe. I think brands like Oliver Spencer , Folk and Universal Works come from the same school of thinking. All three offer something different, yet share the commonalities of quality and making clothes that are meant to be worn. Universal Works is a function first brand and transcends so well across different scenarios. Lines are so much more blurred when it comes to dress codes for men and brands like UW have flourished. It is workwear which is not overdesigned and if you head into their store on Berwick Street you will find a lot of tactile fabrics used like ripstop cotton and seersucker. A jacket they’ve managed to perfect season after season is their bakers jacket.

Similarly, Oliver Spencer carries some of the same values, yet I usually go to Oliver Spencer for slightly more smarter pieces. Arguably one of Britain’s most respected designers, I recently picked up a navy suit from Oliver Spencer and I’ve found myself wearing it in the day, to meetings and even on holiday. Relaxed shoulders, cotton/wool blend and a slighter longer length means that one suit which was used to being worn sporadically, can now be utilised so much more.

Heavyweights are also mixed in with new and exciting brands like eyewear company Ace & Tate and conscious labels such as Nudie Jeans , who are mindful on their impact and sustainability. It’s worth going in-store just to talk to them about what extents they go to in order to make a fair product and to see their repair store inside.

Of course, Soho as a destination isn’t just menswear centric and stores like Aēsop Skincare and BYREDO really compliment what’s nearby. Aēsop staff are incredibly knowledgeable when it comes to their skincare and BYREDO will help you find a fragrance that is totally distinctive. I am currently wearing their Sundazed fragrance and I cannot get enough of it.

Soho is my reliable destination for when I find myself in the city and know that when I’m in need of something for my wardrobe (or bathroom shelf), I’m covered. I will be talking more about the area soon over on Instagram and have shared a few photos from my last trip here.

Photos and words by:  Jordan Bunker

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