Swiss Meets Soho



With winter fast-approaching, where better to settle in for the ultimate alpine feast than in new modern-Swiss restaurant, Heritage. Rooted in the heart of Soho on Rupert Street, Heritage authentic and indulgent Swiss dishes in a sleek, elegant setting. Head Chef Aarik Persaud and General Manager Dusan Sofranax tells us more.

Aarik Persaud, Head Chef

What sets Heritage apart from other Swiss-inspired restaurants?

Heritage is the only high-end Swiss-inspired restaurant in London – we have created a dining experience which is different to what you would typically find at a traditional restaurant in Switzerland. We take a contemporary approach to classic alpine dishes such as fondue, raclette and charbonnade (barbecue), by combining them with luxurious ingredients such a lobster, truffle and wagyu bresaola. We are also taking full advantage of all the amazing local British produce at our disposal which wouldn’t typically be used in Swiss cooking. 

What sparked your interest in food?

My interest in food started at a young age; learning to cook really simple meals with my mom like lasagne and curries. I never thought of it as a career until much later on.

What are your must-have hero ingredients in the kitchen?

Lemon juice and vinegars of all types. Also, hot sauce, but cleverly used so you don’t necessarily know it’s there!

Aside from the delicious food at Heritage, what would be your desert island dish?

My mom’s roast chicken served with mashed potatoes and green beans!

What’s the secret to your signature Raclette?

Use top quality cheese – I recommend sourcing it from leading and trusted suppliers. Also, good charcuterie, we get ours from Cobble Lane Cured, the stuff is amazing. A selection of pickles round-off any raclette dish, so we make our own with whatever vegetable is in season.

Which dishes would you recommend to new diners visiting Heritage? (Please suggest dishes from your Autumn/Winter menu. Please could you also send over images of the chosen dishes to feature on the page – max. 5)

I think the fondue is a must. Our meat fondue is a blend of gruyere, raclette & fourme d’ambert and comes with grilled pork belly, homemade sausage and slices of dry-aged beef fillet for dipping. If we had a ’signature dish’ this would probably be it! We will also have a Christmas special on the menu in December – cauliflower cheese & Perigord truffle fondue served with beef fillet, roasties, parsnips, pigs in blankets and mini yorkies.

Dusan Sofranac, General Manager

What makes Heritage the perfect date-night spot?

Heritage is London’s first and only high-end Swiss restaurant, so we bring something completely new and unique to date nights. It’s sophisticated, energetic and modern with rich, dark interiors and dim lighting. Grab a drink at the bar and watch our team shaking, stirring and serving our impressive cocktails alongside theatrical ice carving, or, for a more intimate and interactive dining experience, our fondues and table-top charbonnade barbecues are the ideal icebreakers for first dates. We also have resident DJ’s playing every Friday and Saturday for those looking for a livelier atmosphere.

We’ve seen your impressive cocktail menu. Give us the perfect dinner-cocktail combo.

On our dessert menu we recommend cocktail pairings and are currently working on a cocktail-dinner pairing menu for dishes on our A La Carte menu. One of my favourite combinations is our barrel aged Boulevardier with a home-made blend of vermouths, served with our maple-glazed pork belly rösti, Tomette cheese and truffle.

Which other restaurants in Soho do you rate? 

For food it would have to be Quo Vadis, and for coktails, Kwant Bar on Heddon Street.

What does your typical Soho night out look like?

I always look for a venue which can offer everything in one place – amazing food and an equally good drinks list, plus live music.

 For a foody video on how to create the perfect Raclette cheese and how to shake up a complimenting cocktail, click here